ought to i pay off my loan or use the cash for a deposit on a 2nd belongings?

if i paid the remaining stability i ought to lease out my home and store for a deposit on another vicinity

q i’m a 42-yr-vintage full-time professional and in a instead lucky but difficult state of affairs, which i would like your help with. my seven-year fixed-rate mortgage is coming to an quit on 2 can also 2023, and then i am not sure whether or not i ought to remortgage or repay the stability.

i have about 20% of the loan left, which i should pay off as of today. however, i would incur an early repayment charge of simply over £3,000, so i think i’d better wait until the fixed deal expires because the charge now not applies once the mortgage is on a variable rate. if it’s paid off, i’d nonetheless have a bit of a safety net of about £10,000 left for any emergency charges.

however, i’m thinking of buying a new assets in the near destiny and lease my present day home out as it was continually intended to be an investment, given its first-rate region near elephant and fortress in london, just at the border of the tube zones 1 and a pair of, proper in the middle of the regeneration area.

should i repay my final stability in may additionally, be mortgage unfastened then hire it out and begin saving for a deposit for a 2nd property or might i be higher off the use of that large chunk of money closer to the deposit for the second belongings and take a loan out on the 20% still closing, hoping to get a beneficial charge, given my large fairness within the property already?

a i think it is probably an idea to have a talk with your lender as in spite of constant-charge mortgages you are usually allowed to overpay 10% of the wonderful mortgage every yr while not having to pay an early repayment price (erc). it might also be an amazing idea to ask your lender what its position would be if you made a decision to hire your house out. would it not come up with “consent to allow” without changing the terms of your loan (and for how long) or wouldn’t it insist that you switched to a purchase-to-let mortgage? if the latter, switching to a purchase-to-let mortgage earlier than may also subsequent year could imply repaying your contemporary residential loan early and so generate an erc. so i propose that you wait until may additionally subsequent yr if you will should switch to a buy-to-allow loan. even if you will get your lender’s consent to allow, i might still wait till next may additionally, or as a minimum until you have got located your second property and feature moved into it. in any other case, letting your present day home to a tenant would depart you without everywhere to stay or renting somewhere, which doesn’t seem very realistic.

the maximum sincere component to do would be to repay your mortgage in may additionally instead of occurring on your lender’s trendy variable price. that is because the money you keep on the loan is more than the interest you may earn for your savings. once you have observed your subsequent home, communicate to an impartial mortgage adviser about the first-rate manner to raise money out of your cutting-edge property – with the aid of getting rid of a buy-to-let mortgage on it, as an example – and arranging residential loan finance for the brand new belongings. bear in mind that you’ll be responsible for the better price of stamp duty land tax on the purchase rate of your new domestic.

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